Pressure Vacuum Valve

Short Description:

Vacuum pressure Vent Relief Valve for tanker

Pressure Vacuum Vents are installed on the top of vent pipes from underground or aboveground fuel storage tanks. The vent cap and internal wire screen are designed to protect the tank vent lines against intrusion and blockage from water, debris or insects. A normally closed poppet in the valve opens at a predetermined pressure or vacuum setting to allow the tank to vent.

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product name Vacuum Pressure Vent Relief Valve
model code FBRC
application gasoline station, all kinds of tankers,water and so on
working pressure medium pressure
material aluminum alloy
Warranty One Year

Direction for use

Vacuum pressure valve is installed on the top of exhaust pipeline, if the pressure inside tank exceed the preset pressure value, the vacuum valve will open, exhaust or inspiration automaticlly to prevent the pressure inside the pipe oversized, ensure the tank safety 

Product Name Aluminum Vacuum Vent Relief Valve
Material Body Aluminum Alloy
Technics Casting
Nominal Diameter DN50 /2"
Tempreture Range -20°C  ~   +70°C
Medium gasoline,kerosene,diesel,water,etc

Installation Notes:

1. The thread of the venting nozzle should be coated with a non-hardening and oil-resistant thread sealant.

2. When connecting, please note that the wrench only acts on the clamping plane of the pipe joint, not on the composite valve body.


1. Do not cover the venting port 

2. The vacuum pressure valve is installed at the top of the sump of the storage tank

3. The exhaust cover and the internal net are designed to protect the fuel tank ventilation line from external insects. The valve body will open/close when a predetermined pressure or vacuum setting is reached

4. Vacuum pressure valve is used in conjunction with centralized oil and gas recovery system or distributed oil and gas recovery system

5. When used for oil and gas recovery, maintain a certain tank pressure and reduce gasoline volatilization loss

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